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The mission of Faithbridge is “to promote mutual understanding and respectful relationships among diverse religious communities in Northern Illinois, and to advance unity in diversity for the common good.”

All are welcome to membership in Faithbridge. Members will seek relationships and learning opportunities that will actively promote interfaith understanding and respect. All members have the privilege of participating in planning and leadership of community events, and representing the vision of mutual understanding and respectful relationship in our community. Individual members may also occasionally receive discounts on Faithbridge events and classes.

A member of Faithbridge has the responsibility to promote understanding and relationship, to seek opportunity for dialogue, and to bring to the Board’s attention any opportunities for education, conversation, or service we might engage in as a broad religious community in Northern Illinois. One way we fulfill these responsibilities is through the paying of dues, at the rate of $20/year for Individual members or $120/year for Institutional or Affiliate members, due each January. 

If you’d like to join as an Individual Member, please fill out the form below. If you’re interested in Institutional or Affiliate membership, please email us.