Salons: Learning Through Conversation

Faithbridge Salons are opportunities for less formal conversation and community building. We long to know our neighbors, to talk about things that matter to us, and to make our towns better places to live. To that end, we gather at different places around the area, to talk together about the things that make up a life. Each salon has a topic, ranging from “how we celebrate” to “life after death” and everything in between. Some salons are more about learning, some more about sharing. Some may include a book discussion or viewing and discussing a movie.

All are welcome–we hope to have a wide spectrum of people from many traditions, viewpoints, and backgrounds.

Our first salon, on the topic “What Happens When We Die?”, was held July 17, 2016. It was a wonderful time of conversation and learning from a variety of different perspectives.

In August 2016 we discussed the topic “Show Me The Money: the role and meaning of wealth in our spiritual life.”

In November 2016 we discussed “Celebrations” in our faiths, including hearing about several lesser-known traditions and rituals from different communities.

In March 2017, we heard from a panel about issues of gender and gender equality in our faith traditions, and discussed how we can be part of empowering gender equality together.

In May 2017, we discussed the topic of Sacred Earth–discussing our relationship to nature, and our spiritual connection to caring for the environment. Our speaker was be Raul Zavaleta, sun dancer and medicine man.

On October 3, 2018, we discussed the Power of Prayer in our different faith communities.

On October 24, 2018, we discussed Service and learned from each other and shared our thoughts and faith traditions, as well as to enjoyed some conversation and light refreshments, building bridges in our community.

Join us on June 23, 2019 for an Interfaith Earth Festival.